Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets with Glucosamine 30tab

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Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets with B-complex vitamins, Glucosamine and fish oil helps to maintain healthy, supple joints for older dogs or of a larger breed as well as dogs that are prone to joint problems. B-complex, which is a group of water-soluble vitamins, help promote a shiny, healthy coat, guard against nervousness, and help to improve fitness and vitality.

Glucosamine (200mg per tablet) with fish oil, helps to maintain healthy joints, maintain flexible and supple joints, and to promote a healthy circulation.

They can be administered with any types of pet food.

Recommended for

Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets are ideal for senior dogs, larger breeds, and dogs prone to bad joint problems. This is a 30tab pack. 


5 - 21kg (11 - 46lbs) - 0.5 Tablet
22 - 33kg (48 - 72lbs) - 1 Tablet
34 - 46kg (73 - 101lbs) - 1.5 Tablets
46kg+ (101lbs) - 2 Tablets