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Just Duck Raw Adult Dog Food 500gm Tray

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A complementary food, to be used as a mixer or as the base of DIY raw recipes.

Ingredients: British Duck with Bone 100%

Duck is a biologically appropriate, natural and great-tasting protein source for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. It is nutritionally loaded with B-vitamins like niacin and pyridoxine, immune system boosters like zinc and selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids which promote a healthy coat and skin for your dog. Raw duck meat and bone provides high-quality protein making it an ideal food to promote overall canine health. The ground bone included in Nutriment Just Duck food solution also contributes to your dog’s calcium intake in a digestion-friendly way. 

Duck is considered a ‘novel’ protein for dogs. This means that it is a great protein choice for dogs who suffer from sensitive stomachs, common allergies and intolerances.  

  • Moisture - the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein - are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat - includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) - is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre - the term given to the indigestible part of food
Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 65%
  • Protein: 16.3%
  • Fat: 13.8%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 4.5%
  • Fibre: 0.5%


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