Johnson's: One Dose easy Wormer; Size-3 - For Dogs Up to 40Kg

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Johnson's One Dose Easy Worming Tablets for Larger Adult Dogs is suitable for dogs from 6-40kg in weight, effectively treating both Roundworms and Tapeworms, with your dog requiring repeated treatments every 3-4 months for complete annual cover.

Included within the pack is:

  1. 4 x 500mg tablets containing Nitroscante
  • 1 tablet from 6.1 - 10kg
  • 2 tablets for 10.1 - 20kg
  • 3 tablets for 20.1 - 30kg
  • 4 tablets for 30.1 - 40kg
  1. A full list of administration instructions.

Fleas are common carriers of Tapeworm eggs, so it is important to ensure your dog is also treated for fleas. It is highjly advised to read instructions before