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Good Boy: Dog/ Puppy Training Pads 1x 100 Pack

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Each pad has layer lock protection which helps to keep leaks ‘locked in’ by turning liquid into gel and with sealed edges and protective backing, this prevents staining floors or upholstery. We know pups like to play, so we’ve made our pads strong and tear resistant – enough to cope with tough puppy play. Our pads are perfect for indoor training purposes giving your pup something familiar to associate going to the toilet on in a certain area of their cage or home.

Our pads are perfect for puppies, with a soft outer texture and ultra absorbent inner layer. Great for crates and carriers; and for older dogs who may need these pads to help them too. With the layer lock protection- any bad smells are locked in and kept from escaping, thus eliminating odours.

Plastic or polythene bags can be dangerous. To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep these bags away from babies, children and pets. Do not flush down the toilet.