Feliway Cat Comforting Spray 60ml; Keeping Your Cat Calm & Comfort

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 Feliway is the UK’s leading cat behaviour product scientifically proven to help stop and prevent unwanted behaviours in cats.

(60ml Spray- Aprox 50 Uses)

How do I know if my cat is stressed?

When cats are stressed they often behave strangely and act inappropriate way. For example urine marking, vertical scratching or inter-cat tension. However cats won’t always exhibit these extreme behaviours to show they are upset, they may appear to be withdrawn, nervous and easily startled or demanding attention. They may also groom themselves excessively or get into conflict with people, cats and other pets in the household. Upset cats may avoid social interaction, hide or can even go off their food.

How can Feliway help?

When a cat feels safe in its environment, it will rub its head against furniture, walls or the bottom of the curtains, leaving substances called facial pheromones. Feliway is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and is proven to reassure and comfort cats, helping them to cope with changes in their environment. Developed after years of veterinary research, Feliway is scientifically proven to help stop unwanted behaviour in cats.

Extra Care Tips

  • Never spray directly on your cat!
  • Never spray in the carrier if your cat is inside
  • Do not spray on the scratching post, it would prevent your cat from using it!

Easy on-the-go

  • During car journeys or when going to the vet, spray directly in your cat’s carrier or basket 15 minutes before use