Tortoise Diet: Cucumber High In Fibre 340g

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Komodo Tortoise Diet has been holistically formulated to provide a complete food for Mediterranean and Horsfield’s (Russian) Tortoise’s. The diet is high in fibre and low in protein.

Komodo diet has been extensively trialed and tested to find a variety of tastes that tortoises love and is available in 4 different flavours: Banana, Dandelion, Cucumber and a blend of all three: Fruit and flower flavour.

All Komodo foods are sourced locally and produced in the United Kingdom to reduce product miles and environmental impact.

Feeding Instructions:

– Always moisten the food prior to feeding.
– Experiment with the level of saturation to suit your tortoises.
– Supply fresh, small portions in the morning and evening.
– Tortoises enjoy grazing, so several small dishes can be positioned throughout the habitat to increase cage enrichment.
– Remove uneaten food and provide clean fresh drinking water daily.
– Fresh foods such as dandelion leaves and fruits could be provided as part of the diet.
– Tortoises can sometimes be reluctant to try a new food, so initially serve Komodo food with familiar food.