Beaphar: XtraVital Parakeet (Budgie) 500g

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XtraVital Parakeet Feed is a tasty and well balanced, seed-based premium bird food, developed in cooperation with nutritionists, vets, and bird experts. Ideal for budgies and other small parakeets. It combines fruit, 26 varieties of seeds and egg food

Swapping over to Beaphar XtraVital Parakeet (Budgie) does not require a changeover period with your current feed. The delicious aroma and taste help to ensure that your bird accepts this feed straight away. However, to start off, it is advisable to keep a careful track of the feed intake and to mix Beaphar XtraVital into the old food if necessary.

Indication: A budgerigar weighing 50g needs 7.5g of XtraVital per day. ie one 500g packet of Beaphar XtraVital will last one budgie approx 60 days. Always keep fresh water available.