Voucher/ Gift Card Policy

  • Save on your shopping with Zards- My PET's Gift Card / Vouchers.

You might win ZARDS Shopping vouchers in the name of "My PET's Voucher" "My PET's Gift Card". They are special gifts and entitle you to save on your shopping. Each Voucher will explain the saving and how it works. They can be activated by simply entering codes into the checkout section of the http://zardspetsupplies.co.uk/ website towards the end of your shopping.

  • Free delivery Vouchers

This entitles you to a free delivery through our third party delivery company (for eg: DPD, MyHermes). You will receive an automated email or text notifications of your delivery day and time (if your email/ phone number provided at the time of ordering) from the company once your order is ready to dispatch.

  • How do I use the Vouchers?

You can activate/ use all our vouchers and gift cards with ZARDS PET SUPPLIES e-Store (e-Commerce Website) by simply entering your unique code at the checkout stage. These cards and vouchers can only be used with the online shopping portal of ZARDS PET SUPPLIES
Follow the Voucher instructions carefully

  • How long is the Vouchers valid for?

Each Voucher should state its expiry date and you must use it before this time. The Voucher and/or Gift Card will expire automatically on the expiry date stated on the Voucher. This means you cannot use it after this period

  • Where to use my vouchers/ Gift Cards?

The Vouchers only apply to goods purchased on the http://zardspetsupplies.co.uk/ website and may not be used at any other internet site or ZARDS PET SUPPLIES retail store.

  • The Vouchers may not be used by any ZARDS or HIDDEN GEM ALBION employees.


  • The Vouchers cannot be combined with each other (unless and otherwise indicated) but can be combined with general product promotional offers appearing to all customers on the http://zardspetsupplies.co.uk/ website.


  • The Vouchers cannot be applied to past orders made with ZARDS and cannot be backdated or redeemed for cash.


  • Each Voucher code may be used for a complete or partial purchases by one customer. If more than one customer is registered at the same delivery address a Voucher code may only be used by one customer registered at that address.