About Us

Pets have always been a part of our lifestyle and nothing changed when we got married. Leo, Leah, Spotty, Stark and Helga soon became vital part of our lives. 

As responsible pet parents, we wanted them to have a happy and healthy life. Finding the right food soon became a nightmare as Helga grew fussier with each branded pet food. After a lot of research and wasting numerous reputed pet food bags, we started cooking for them each day which was a tedious chore. Our family friend and pet nutritionist helped us to coin personalised healthy grain-free recipes which showed promising results. Our babies happily tried all the recipes and we have not looked back ever since. Our friends trialled the products and insisted on getting the same for their babies as well.

This inspired us to start a small pet shop in the heart of Droylsden as Zards Pet Supplies. We coined the name Zards from "wizards" for fun.

Zards Pet Supplies is the trading name of HIDDEN GEM ALBION Limited; Your Local Family Pet Store based in

Call Us:  0161 301 4445

Being proud pet parents, we aim to provide quality pet products in our local area. It gives us immense pleasure to see people caring and treating their pets as family.  ZARDS PET e-Super Store is our new venture, that makes your shopping easy and fun. Our aim is to offer you a great friendly customer service and shopping experience. 

We understand and admit our limitations as a family run local store compared to corporate competitors. But we hope and trust our loyal customers who value and support Local Businesses. 

Completing a website with more than 2000 product lines is really time consuming.We do apologise for any inconvenience. Please Contact Us if you can't find what you are looking for. Let us make a Custom Tailored Deal for you..